Jake Clark

Jake Clark, fresh AF, OG joined Delta Pro Scooters in 2018. He's been in the game for a long time and has some World First's under his belt. He moved to Oregon in 2004 at the prime age of 8. We had some questions and here are his answers.

Delta Pro Scooters Jake Clark Interview Delta Pro Team Rider

So Jake, Dave Chappelle or Will Ferrell?

Dave Chappelle because I like his comedy more and his skits. Will Ferrell is good in movies but Dave Chappelle just takes it for me.

Super Bad or Mean Girls?

Super Bad, Mean Girls is good but Super Bad is the best. 

Who was your favorite character?

It's close but McLovin. 

You’re tall AF, not Mike Davis tall but, how does that affect your riding ability?

The only thing I'd say is that it would affect is over the head tricks, other than that I don't really notice anything.

How does it feel to be the old rider?

When I was younger, I just kinda rode and did things that I thought were cool. It feels kinda crazy to be the old rider because you never thought you'd be that guy. I've always been the younger rider growing up. I've got a different perspective on things now.

As one of the first pro scooter riders out there, did you have any influencers?

I'd say so...a lot of the pro guys, a lot of the Northwest guys. The whole Lucky crew, Tyler Bonner and some guys in Cali were huge influencers for me. 

What was your favorite trick from your infuencers?

I really like Tyler Bonner and Brendon Smith so I just tried to do what they did. I didn't have a favorite trick they did, I just really liked their style of riding.

What did scootering feel like at the beginning?

I just kinda rode. Then I found out that other kids were doing it too. I started out in the neighborhoods and didn't really know anything else was out there and started talking to people and found out about the Scooter Resource. I started going to events and found out what it was.

How did you meet Matt Edleston?

I met him at a neighbors house. I was just riding by and they were getting ready to go to the skatepark and he was like, "you wanna come to the truckstop for my birthday party" so I just hopped in. 

Did you guys have a crew? Did you have a crew name?

We all eventually became the Bendub Crew. Myself, Matt Edleston, Matt Kaminsky, Chase Robertson, Nick Toigo, Ty Alexander, Brenden Orton. Pretty sweet crew.

You started with Delta in 2018, not only as a rider but a product designer. You and Matt created the Darkhorse deck from the ground up. How does it feel to be on the inside of a company versus just being a pro rider?

It's the best feeling. This is what I've wanted with a company. To actually have a "say" in the product and get something out there that's gonna leave a lasting mark in the industry. It's a great feeling, I've wanted that with a lot of companies and the Delta vibe is awesome. Get yo Darkhorse Deck here!

How has riding for Delta been different from your past sponsorship experiences?

It's been a lot better. They wanna involve you in everything, the whole process with creating the products. The communication is great. The best things come from communicating and that's what has happened so far. 

What tricks are you most proud of?

Oh man, there was this time in San Diego that I was feeling sketched out about doing this trick but I really wanted to do it. It was a vert channel which isn't there at Clairemont anymore and I was like like "whatever, I'm doin it. I've been thinking about this all week, I'm just gonna do it while I'm here." I did it within like, a couple tries. Im so glad I did it because if I fell, it would have hurt really bad. It was a Downside, Heel-whip, Bri Buttercup and back then, not many people were even doing Bri Buttercup's, so it was a pretty big trick. And then Nose Manual Bri is another one that was really hard to get. 

Who do you want to see on the Delta Pro Team?

That's a tough one man but I wanna see someone who is passionate as we are with creating good products and riding. Someone who wants to take it to the next level. 

Where do you want to be in 5 years?

Hopefully still riding as hard as I can and hopefully being apart of Delta at the top of the industry. 

Lets wrap this thing up man. So tomorrow, if you woke up as Kanye West, what is the first thing you would do?

uuhhh, the first thing I would do? I don't even know man, that's a tough one. I don't know that I can say it for the interview. 

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