Scooter Tricks: How to Do a Barspin

Once you learn how to do a barspin, you’ll find yourself popping the trick all the time. It’s a cool beginner trick that can serve as the base for a bunch (think hundreds) of combos later down the line.

Put simply, a barspin is when you spin your handlebars 360 degrees while in the air. Before you get to practicing the barspin, we recommend you figure out which hand will be your “throwing” hand and which hand will catch the bars—this will eliminate some nasty mid-air mistakes. The best way to learn the barspin is either flat with a bunny hop or airing out of a quarter bowl. If you want to practice the movement before getting air, you can try it out with your front wheel over a curb—this will help you get a feel for the way you’ll transfer the bars to the other hand.

Alright, ready to give it a go?

  • Get speed. Since this is a jump trick, you’ll need to make sure to gain enough speed to jump as high as you can.
  • Hold on. Before you execute your jump, remember to hold onto your handlebars. Seriously—don’t let go. A big mistake riders make is they let go of their bars, but the correct way to do a barspin is to hold on as you get ready to jump.
  • Jump! Get as much air as you can. Of course, keep your balance.
  • Pass the bars. Here we go. While in mid-air, start passing the bars from your “throwing” hand to the “catching” hand. They will spin as you pass them. Remember to never completely let go of the bars (unless you want to wipeout).
  • Land it. Boom. Nailed the barspin. No biggie.

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