Scooter Tricks: How to do a Manual

The manual, once you learn it, becomes one of those tricks you always find yourself doing. Whether you’re leisurely cruising around or rolling between tricks, the manual is a nice way to spice things up and show off some of your style. The manual involves you riding on just the back wheel, balancing while at least one of your feet remains on the deck. The other foot is typically used to propel yourself forward and keep you balanced at the same time.

Here’s how you pull of a manual.

  • Start flat. Get rolling on a flat surface to give you a stable foundation for your trick.
  • Pull back on the bars. As you’re riding, pull your arms back to lift the front wheel off the ground while your feet stay on the deck. You should now be balancing on the back wheel only.
  • Straighten your arms. Find that sweet spot where you are hovering at a comfortable height—you don’t want to be leaning too far back. Then, straighten your arms to help lock in that sweet spot. You can always use your brake to gently lower the front wheel to help you find the right balance, but remember that using your brake will slow you down, so use it sparingly.
  • Style it up. As always, remember to add your own special style to the mix once you get the basics down pat. (Try balancing with just one foot on the deck if you’re feeling confident.)
  • Brake it down. When you’re finishing your manual, all you need to do is hit the brake to put your front wheel back on the ground. Easy enough, right?

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