Scooter Tricks: How to do a Tail Whip

July 21, 2017

Scooter Tricks: How to do a Tail Whip

A mid-air trick even beginner riders can master, the tail whip is an awesome way to show off in your combos. When you see it in action, a tail whip is when the rider gets air, kicks the deck, and spins the deck 360 degrees—all in one smooth motion. Even though it seems like a foot move, this trick requires a lot of arm movement and control.

Sound easy? Difficult? Why don’t we break it down for you step-by-step so that next time you head to the park, you’ll have all you need to nail the tail whip.

Pro tip: If you’re not super confident, practice your kick while stopped before giving it a go in motion.

  • Build up speed. As with many tricks, the tail whip is a sweet mid-air move, so you’ll want to gain good speed to give you enough of a boost when you jump.
  • Jump. Catch as much air as possible—airtime is crucial if you want enough time to execute your tail whip. Landing too soon in the middle of a trick is never fun, just saying.
  • Kick the deck. Are you ready for this? Kick the deck with your back toe, allowing it to whip around in a quick motion.
  • Use your arms. Now, right after you’ve just kicked the deck, use your arms to move the bars in a circular motion to keep the deck underneath you. This part is very important if you plan on landing your tail whip.
  • Catch the deck. When the deck comes back around (you should be watching it to make sure), catch it with your back foot and bring it back underneath you.
  • Land and ride away in style. Self-explanatory.


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