Delta MAP Policy

Delta Pro Scooters MAP Policy and Enforcement:

Here at Delta, we believe in the value our brand and what is stands for. This is essential to the longevity of Delta and our relationship with our Dealers. With that being said, below is our Strict MAP Policy:

Minimum Advertised Price: Delta Pro Scooters requires all dealers to strictly follow our MAP Policy. MAP pricing for each product is listed on this pricing sheet as well as on our website ( Dealers that are found to be in violation of MAP pricing will be given ONE warning and be immediately put on probation. 2nd offenses will result in immediate termination of dealer account and buying privileges.

When price wars start no one gains anything. As a company our product is devalued and credibility as a reliable wholesaler is reduced. As a dealer your profit is reduced. Dealers who have customers reselling any of our products must be sure their customers are in compliance with our terms to maintain Delta Dealer status. Please note that dealers are not allowed to advertise on Amazon or Ebay sales channels. Please see Advertising Policy below.

Advertising Policy:

Delta Pro Scooters has established contracts in place to sell exclusively on the and sales channels, Delta Pro Scooters reserves the right to exclusively sell on Amazon and Ebay and does not allow its dealers or internet retailers to compete on these sales channels. To be approved as a dealer, Delta requires ALL dealers to sign our MAP Policy and Non-Compete agreement. Dealers may advertise on their own websites, storefronts and other 3rd party websites (excluding Amazon and eBay) so long as MAP policies are followed. Delta reserves the right to contract and restrict future 3rd party sales channels.