Pro Scooter Recycling Program

Don't Just Toss Out Your Worn Out Scooter Parts!

Nothing lasts forever, even tough as nails scooter parts. But we hate to see those parts end up in the landfill. So if you’re out there ripping it up on the regular, and burning through those wheels and decks, why not recycle them with us, and save money on new parts while you're at it!? 

Recycling Scooter Parts With Delta Helps the Environment and Puts $ In Your Pocket

In an effort to help keep some of those worn out scooter parts out of the land fill, Delta is proud to announce the scooter industry’s first recycling program for scooters and scooter parts. And as if helping the environment isn't rad enough already, we're going to give you credit toward a new scooter or parts when you recycle your scooter or scooter parts with us.

Just SEND it! 

It couldn't be easier. Just fill out the form below, and we’ll mail you an empty envelope with shipping paid for. You throw whatever scooters or parts you want in there, and when we get it back, we’ll email you a code for 15% off. Sick, right?

So if you’re eyeballing those flat spots on your wheels, or even just thinking you might want to treat yourself to a new Mach One or some sick new parts for a scooter you already love, you’re in luck. Sending it to us to get a discount lets us recycle it for you (yay environment!) and reduces the cost of getting the new scooter you really want (yay you!).