Serious About Sponsorship?

We get a lot of questions about scooter sponsorships here at Delta. And why not!? Everyone wants free gear and support to ride.

But what does it really mean to be sponsored, and what does it take to get noticed?

What Exactly is a Sponsorship, really...

At it's core, a sponsorship is a relationship between a rider and Delta Pro Scooters. Sponsored riders get free gear, promotion, and other benefits that make it easy for them to focus on riding more and getting better. Some perks of sponsorship might include:

  • Complete scooters
  • Parts
  • Stickers
  • Apparel
  • Contest entry fees paid for
  • Travel expenses to get to and from competitions
  • A bio page on the Delta Pro Team page on the Delta website
  • Promotion/Features on Instagram, Youtube, and Facebook (social)
  • Special discounts for friends and family
  • First dibs on all new Delta products and gear

What does Delta get? We get exposure, good vibes, and positive promotion from a rider who is representing scootering and the Delta brand out in the world. It's a trade where everyone wins.

Who Can Get Sponsored?

The most important thing we look for when we're considering sponsoring a rider, is whether or not they fit with the Delta Pro Scooters brand mission. Our mission is to promote good vibes at the skate park, on the streets, in competition, or wherever scooter wheels are hitting the ground. Our most valued advocates out there are the ones who are putting out positive energy and creating a supportive environment for everyone to enjoy the sport. 

You don't have the be the best rider, or win every competition, but you do have to have a good attitude, and not be a jerk. Here's a list of some of the things we look for in a sponsored rider:

  • Excited about riding
  • Responsible rider
  • Encourages others
  • Represents the Delta brand by showing respect for other riders, big and small
  • Works hard at getting better everyday
  • Active in promoting the sport on social media
  • Positive attitude, doesn’t put others down

Levels of Scooter Sponsorship

Sponsorship means different things at different levels. Most companies have several different types of sponsorships to encourage beginner riders to stick with it, and help take more experienced riders to the top of their game.

Delta Flow Riders

With a Flow Rider sponsorship, Delta recognizes you've got passion, talent, and are out there killing it as often as possible. Maybe you don't have all the tricks, but you've got energy, enthusiasm for riding, and are actively promoting the sport of scootering in your daily life.

This is the first step for riders who have some talent, and want to go big, but are just getting started in the sport, and maybe aren't ready to compete at a regional or national level yet. It's a way to get free gear and support for your passions.

Our Flow-Riders are our skate park ambassadors, and social media wizards, who are out there on the streets spreading the love for the Delta brand, getting other kids excited about new tricks, and encouraging everyone to get out and ride.

Due to the intense demand for Flow sponsorships, we have limited spots on the Flow team. If you're interested and don't hear anything back, keep at it.

The Delta Pros

Welcome to the big leagues. The Delta Pro comp level sponsorship is for experienced riders who are actively competing and building their own brand identity, and who showcase the values delta promotes, as well as a talent for riding.

Perks at a Pro level sponsorship can include not just gear, but regular promotion fder will get the opportunity for sponsorship. But there are a few ways to put yourself above the rest, and increase your chances of earning a sponsorship for your talents.

Ride Like a Pro

It might sound obvious, but you'd be surprised how many calls, emails, and instagram messages we get from kids who want to be sponsored, but don't really have the chops to hold their own in competition yet.

That doesn't mean hard work won't pay off eventually, but there are only so many sponsorship dollars to go around, and the best of the best are the ones who will earn them. Practice, practice, and practice some more. Never give up. And stay positive!